Classic massage
50 min / 53 €
80 min / 70 €

Classical massage techniques include stroking, rubbing of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, kneading of muscles, vibration and a variety of light striking techniques.

Classical massage activates blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulates the metabolism, and reduces headaches and muscle aches. This massage is equally effective in cases of mental and physical overexertion – classic massage techniques restore energy and correct muscle tone. Massage increases the organism’s resistance to disease, as well as removing toxins and speeding up the metabolism. The effect is either relaxing or toning, depending on the techniques used.

The strength and intensity of the treatment is based on the wishes of the client and the indications of the area. Please let us know your preferences when booking, so that the masseur can accommodate you.

Dual massage
50 min 106 €

A classic massage that is performed simultaneously for two guests on adjacent massage tables. The treatment is perfect for couples, girlfriends, mother-daughters and good friends.

Head massage
20 min 28 €

The massage helps improve circulation and prevents headaches. A head massage is ideal for relieving tension and stress. In addition, it has beneficial effects on hair growth and health, exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses the sebaceous glands.

Relaxing facial massage treatment
30 min 42 €

The first step of the treatment is to remove dead skin cells with an exfoliator containing papain enzymes. Followed by a facial massage, which effectively stimulates the action mechanisms of the skin. Blood supply to the skin is improved, the skin is enriched with oxygen and the radiance is restored to the skin. Unique facial muscle tightening massage techniques shape the face and lift the facial contours. To finish the treatment, a firming facial cream is applied.

After treatment, the skin is noticeably more supple and radiant, and the face is sculpted, with a more youthful appearance.

Back and nape massage
20 min 32 €

The back and nape massage is a fast and effective massage based on classical massage techniques, which stimulates blood and lymph circulation, relieves muscle pain and tension. Definitely a good choice for sedentary or involuntary workers. The back, neck, nape and head are massaged.

A relaxing or therapeutic massage is performed in accordance with the wishes or indications of the client.

Chakra massage
60 min 70 €

A chakra massage focuses on improving the overall mental and physical tone of the individual. The treatment consists of a massage with lime blossom balm and warm rice-herb cubes, and a relaxing standard massage. During the treatment, we will nourish your body and mind with different crystals. Chakra massage is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve clarity of mind and experience something new.

Peat wrap with cupping massage
50 min 60 €

The treatment starts with a warm peat wrap on the desired area (back, legs). The peat wrap improves metabolism and circulation, and gives a general feeling of well-being. This is followed by a cupping massage or vacuum massage, which, in combination with a hand massage, also uses silicone cups of different sizes. A cupping massage tightens the skin, cleanses the pores and intensifies blood circulation.







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