Raspberry body treatment
60 min 65 €

Raspberries are not only beautiful and tasty, but also medically effective. Raspberries are vitamin-rich berries, have healing properties, and also play an important role as a medicinal herb.

The body is peeled with a natural raspberry body scrub and massaged with raspberry seed oil.

Natural and pure raspberry seed oil is used in the treatment, which provides intensive skin care, while also nourishing, repairing and moisturising the skin, and healing irritations and skin damage.

Slimming detox algae body treatment
60 min 70 €

The algae body treatment is slimming, cellulite smoothing, and expels excess water and toxic substances. The algae wrap (algae mask with Dead Sea mud) and anti-cellulite massage with a cinnamon massage balsam produces an excellent result in the fight against cellulite. The mask is infused with the very beneficial properties of algae: it accelerates the metabolic rate in the superficial and deep layers of the skin, stimulates blood circulation and collagen synthesis, has a strong antioxidant effect, helps to expel excess fluid and waste products, soothes the inflammatory processes of the skin, and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin and immunity. Also, cinnamon has a scientifically proven anti-cellulite effect. Your skin will be slightly flushed after treatment, but nourished and satisfied!

Murueit’s life tips – body treatment with a fresh grass body exfoliation and a hayseed bath
80 min 72 €

The body is peeled with a fresh grass – sea salt body scrub, followed by a hayseed bath and then a full body massage with fresh grass massage balm.

Relaxing foot treatment with a hayseed bath and warm wild berry candle oil massage
50 min 45 €

Hayseeds have a relaxing effect on muscle spasms, help to reduce inflammation and are helpful with rheumatism and joint problems. The effectiveness is due to the essential oils contained in the plants, which are released through the combination of water and heat, and reach the organism through the skin.

The bath is followed by a foot exfoliation with sea salt mixed with rich oils and butters, followed by a nice warm massage with wild berry candle oil.

Fresh vitamin body treatment with massage for the mother-to-be
50 min 54 €

The treatment designed for the mother-to-be includes a gentle exfoliation with a sea salt body scrub and an enjoyable massage with vitamin massage masks. With a subtle and fresh fragrance, this massage mask is rich in natural oils, butters and natural plant extracts, which are rich in vitamins E and C vitamins. The mask moisturises, nourishes and gently cares for the skin, resulting in the skin becoming more elastic.

Refreshing birch bud body treatment
60 min 65 €

Many Finno-Ugric peoples have held the birch to be a protective and sacred tree. Birch makes people sensitive, and it is believed that birch has the ability to free us from fear, hesitation and worrying. The therapeutic effect of birch buds brings relief to the joints and has an anti-inflammatory, restorative effect on the organism.

At the beginning of treatment, the whole body is peeled with an aromatic birch bud scrub. After peeling, a birch bud massage balsam is applied to the body, and the body is wrapped in a film. During the wrapping, a relaxing facial massage is performed with a separate facial massage cream. After the wrapping, a light massage is performed on the rest of the body. After birch bud treatment your skin remains fresh and radiant with a pleasant complexion, and your mood light and bright!

Body treatment with fresh apples and warm oil massage
60 min 63 €

Apples contain alpha hydroxy acid, which rejuvenates and purifies the skin, making the apple a natural mild acid peeler. Its moisturising and anti-ageing properties make it ideal for drier and more mature skin. In addition to its vitamin dose, apples give the skin youthful elasticity and also protect against UV rays.

Vitamin-packed and delicious, apples improve the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps to keep skin firm and elastic.

The body is exfoliated and massaged with a combination of fresh apples and warm aromatic birch bud oil.

Peat wrap with cupping massage
50 min 60 €

The treatment starts with a warm peat wrap on the desired area (back, legs). The peat wrap improves metabolism and circulation, and gives a general feeling of well-being. This is followed by a cupping or vacuum massage, which, in combination with a hand massage, also uses silicone cups of varying sizes. A cupping massage tightens the skin, cleanses the pores and intensifies blood circulation.

Multi slim slimming body treatment 
60 min 75 €

The treatment is designed for those who want to slim their figure and reduce their cellulite. The slimming body treatment activates the burning of fat deposits and has an anti-water retention effect. The healthier appearance of the skin is restored. The body treatment starts with a relaxing welcome massage, followed by a body peel with a slimming and exfoliating gel to restore the skin’s respiration and receptivity to active ingredients. An efficiency-enhancing activator is then applied to the body to increase nutrient absorption, followed by a full body massage with a body shaping and slimming massage cream, which promotes the removal of waste products and the breakdown of fat cells. Finally, a slimming caffeine-containing elastomask is applied to the more problematic areas of the body, to help reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel skin’, burn fat, and expel water from the body.

Body peel with sea salt and an exfoliator
30 min 38 €

Body peel with a natural sea salt body exfoliator is a pleasant combination of massage and body care. Exfoliation cleanses the skin, stimulates circulation, and releases toxins and excess fluids. The body peeler used in the treatment is the ideal skin care tool, as it contains all of the beneficial and healing properties of seawater, enriches with minerals, while cleansing the skin and energies. The skin requires no additional moisturisation following exfoliation, remaining smooth, fragrant and nourished.

Relaxing swamp bath for men
60 min 65 €

Men, here’s something meant just for you! Body peeling and a relaxing full body massage with a mixture that is a bit boggy, slightly woody, with a touch of marsh rosemary, and pleasantly hazy and mist marsh aromas. Even the most masculine of men sometimes need relaxation and care, and strength has always been drawn from nature!







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