Dayspa packages

for two from 165 €

A Valgreesque affair

‘ I hear a fairy tale in the music, And you stand before me in a dream. And singing every hour I find myself, For music and you, I’m in love with both’.

for one from 98 €

In a blessed state

It doesn’t simply happen that a woman finds herself in a blessed state... This is a time when a woman feels especially happy, cared for and loved... She feels precious and knows how to take time for herself to prepare herself spiritually for the birth of a new miracle!

for one from 95 €

Shining Baron

Baron Wagenküll was always so gentlemanly, bright and relaxed...

for one from 94 €

The secret of the Baroness’s beauty

A chance to try out the beauty rituals used by the Baroness of Wagenküll that kept her beautiful, radiant and young for years – simplicity is the key...