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Mon–Thu 17.00–23.00
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Sun 12.00–23.00

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Wagenküll Castle Spa offers the perfect taste sensations with dishes that are special because they are prepared in a Josper Charcoal Oven. A charcoal oven preserves the juiciness and texture of the food, giving dishes their unique and delicious taste. Throughout the year, local raw materials from the forests and farms of South Estonia are used to the maximum extent possible, and the dishes are flavoured with herbs grown in a local garden.


Deep fried goat cheese with green salad  15 €

Baked king prawns with white wine sauce (G) 20 €

Selection of cheese and meat from the castle pantry 22 €

Beef carpaccio (G) 19 €

Caesar´s salad with chicken 14 €

Caesar´s salad with prawns 19 €


Consomme with salmon and white fish 11 €

Tom Yum with rice noodles 14 €


Chicken pasta 8€

Meatballs or wieners with french fries or mashed potatoes and fresh salad 8 €

Ice cream with garnish (G) 1 scoop 4 € /
2 scoops 6 €


New York steak (G) 34

(Does not include garnish)

Salmon grilled on wood plank 23 €

(Does not include garnish)

Fried beef liver with lots of onions (G) 15

(Does not include garnish)

Baron’s wild boar stew 28 €

(Baron’s etnic porridge, honey and beer sauce)

Pike perch fillet (G) 24 €

(Mashed potatoes, vegetables, white wine sauce)

Grilled duck breast 27 €

(Mushroom orsotto with passion-citrus sauce)

Pork loin in honey marinade 27 €

(Grilled vegetables, green pepper sauce)

Stuffed pepper 16 €

(Mushroom orsotto with mango-jalapeno sauce)

Mushroom gnocchi with truffles 21 €

Black pasta with tiger prawns 19 €


Chocolate fondant with ice cream 10 €

Crème caramel (G) 10 €

Ice cream or Sorbet with garnish (G) 9 €

Baron’s cold temptation 10 €

(Ice cream, liqueur Vana Tallinn)

Baroness’s cake of day 9 €

Kolotsi farm cheese selection for two 18 €


Fresh salad (G, L) 5 €

Smoky vegetables (G, L) 5 €

Mashed potatoes (G) 5 €

French fries (G, L) 5 €

Sweet potato fries (G, L) 6 €

Mushroom orsotto 6 €

L – Lactose-free
G – Gluten-free

If you have any food allergies or sensitivities, then please notify your server.