Castle Spa Wagenküll has three different halls in which you can enjoy delicious meals prepared by Resto Wagenküll, celebrate special occasions, or just take time out and simply enjoy the company.


A comfy hall with soft armchairs, Art Nouveau-style cabinets and a cosy fireplace. With its historic atmosphere and dim light, it is the perfect way to end a long day. After a memorable dinner, treat yourself to a glass of wine or cognac and reflect on the past day.

Kübar ja Kaabu

An elegant and dignified hall for marking the most prestigious of events. High ceilings, mirrors on the walls and period paintings create a historic atmosphere. A staircase leads from the hall directly to the back garden of the castle.


Wagenküll Castle Spa offers the perfect taste sensations with dishes that are special because they are prepared in a Josper Charcoal Oven. A charcoal oven preserves the juiciness and texture of the food, giving dishes their unique and delicious taste. Throughout the year, local raw materials from the forests and farms of South Estonia are used to the maximum extent possible, and the dishes are flavoured with herbs grown in a local garden.