Fresh vitamin body treatment with massage for the mother-to-be
50 min 54 €

The treatment designed for the mother-to-be includes a gentle exfoliation with a sea salt body scrub and an enjoyable massage with vitamin massage masks. With a subtle and fresh fragrance, this massage mask is rich in natural oils, butters and natural plant extracts, which are rich in vitamins E and C vitamins. The mask moisturises, nourishes and gently cares for the skin, resulting in the skin becoming more elastic.

Beaute Aromatique
60 min 60 €

A relaxing fragrance treatment for the face.

A personalised customised, soothing and relaxing treatment. Consists of two massage steps, where essential oils matching your skin and beauty goals are selected, followed by the application of Mary Cohr’s five plant mask – green tea, lemon, cucumber, chamomile, and ginger. Finally, a serum and creams suiting the needs of your skin are applied.

This treatment is suitable for all ages, all skin types, those who want to relax and enjoy the magic of massage and essential oils.

Dermo peeling
60 min 80 €

A skin renewing and radiance providing treatment.

Skin renewing and brightening treatment with fruit acids and vitamin C. The treatment helps to restore and revitalise the skin, even out the complexion, smooth wrinkles, reduce and prevent the development of pigmentation marks. Excellent care for problem skin, as it helps to regulate sebum secretions and renew the skin. Unique technology, using fruit acids in gel form to renew the skin, makes the procedure pleasant and effective. Based on alginate and vitamin C, the effect mask provides a brightening, firming, skin tissue strengthening effect, while smoothing wrinkles and lightening pigmentation.

The treatment is suitable for both younger and more mature skin, therefore it is recommended for those 25+.

60 min 75 €

PhytOxygene Facial or ‘Glowing skin full of vitality’.

Our skin is the first barrier, crucial in trapping pollution coming from the outside environment. Over time, the skin becomes overloaded with toxins, resulting in a dull, greyish complexion and an overall tired appearance.

To restore the natural radiance and healthy appearance of the skin, Mary Cohr has created the PhytOxygene complex facial treatment. The treatment rids the skin of toxins and enriches it with oxygen, restoring its vitality thanks to the best herbal ingredients and special massage techniques.

The treatment consists of three steps:

  1. Phytodermabrasion exfoliation with an exfoliator containing bamboo and loofah particles removes dead cells from the surface layer of the skin. The breathing of the skin is restored, skin texture is smooth and even.
  2. This oxygen-enriching and purifying mask for the face and neck stimulates the respiration of skin cells, removing toxins and impurities. It also moisturises and softens the skin.
  3. A heavenly relaxing massage reduces stress and restores a sense of comfort to the skin. Active ingredients restore the skin’s vitality and energy levels, and activate the skin’s self-cleansing ability.

The result is radiant, breathable skin with a healthy complexion.

Head massage
20 min 28 €

The massage helps improve circulation and prevents headaches. A head massage is ideal for relieving tension and stress. In addition, it has beneficial effects on hair growth and health, exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses the sebaceous glands.

Back and nape massage
20 min 32 €

The back and nape massage is a fast and effective massage based on classical massage techniques, which stimulates blood and lymph circulation, relieves muscle pain and tension. Definitely a good choice for sedentary or involuntary workers. The back, neck, nape and head are massaged.

A relaxing or therapeutic massage is performed in accordance with the wishes or indications of the client.

Relaxing facial massage treatment
30 min 42 €

The first step of the treatment is to remove dead skin cells with an exfoliator containing papain enzymes. Followed by a facial massage, which effectively stimulates the action mechanisms of the skin. Blood supply to the skin is improved, the skin is enriched with oxygen and the radiance is restored to the skin. Unique facial muscle tightening massage techniques shape the face and lift the facial contours. To finish the treatment, a firming facial cream is applied.

After treatment, the skin is noticeably more supple and radiant, and the face is sculpted, with a more youthful appearance.







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