The dishes being prepared in the Castle Spa Wagenküll kitchen are characterised by the taste of perfection for your palate, through dishes prepared in a Josper charcoal oven. The juiciness and texture of dishes is preserved by the charcoal oven and foods attain a unique flavourful taste.

When preparing dishes, as many raw ingredients as possible from Southern Estonia’s forests and farms are used year round, and foods are seasoned with herbs originating from a local herb garden. The delicious food is a delight, and its preparation provides us with the pleasure of creation.

Pleasant taste experiences!

Restaurant Wagenküll

Located in the art nouveau style castle,Restaurant Wagenküll offers contemporary convenience and historic atmosphere, with its windows offering a beautiful view of the castle park.Thanks to the open kitchen, dishes are prepared right in front of your eyes.

Restaurant Kübar ja Kaabu

A glamorous a`la carte restaurant with a 1930s style interior and selection of food, where period accurate music can be heard playing in the background,creating the feeling that you have travelled into the last century with a time machine.

Fireplace Hall

A comfy hall with soft lounge chairs, art nouveau cabinets characteristic to the castle, and a cosy fire burning in the fireplace.

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