Wagenküll Castle Spa, which is the pearl of Valga County and all of Southern Estonia, is located in one of Estonia’s best preserved art nouveau stile manor buildings. The castle is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is surrounded by old growth forests.

Taagepera hiking trail

Approximate length of 5.4 km, starts and ends at the Taagepera campfire site, with part of the trail passing along the banks of the River Õhne. The trail is also passable in smaller circles. The main attractions along the hiking trail are the castle and the castle park, Taagepera Church and cemetery, the family burial plot of the barons, ‘Musukivi’, a sacrificial stone, an underground cemetery, and the River Õhne. A truly inspiring hike through intertwined history, architecture and primeval nature.

Taagepera Church

The church was built in 1674 as St. John’s Lutheran chapel of ease. The organ was installed in the house of worship much later, in 1863. What makes Taagepera Church an interesting tourist attraction is the Kessler organ found in the church. The 19th century altarpiece Kolgata is also worth viewing. For couples holding their wedding at Taagepera Castle the church also serves as a place where the marriage can be registered.

Located next to the church is the church cemetery, believed to have been completed in 1773. Buried in the cemetery are writer and socialite Hella Wuolijoe’s mother, Kadri, aunt, Leenu, and grandfather, Ott Kokamägi.

Located next to the church is the Memorial to the War of Independence. The church is open to visitors during the summer as a Wayfarers Church.

Taagepera reservoir

With a tidied up beach, located at the foot of the publicly accessible River Õhne. Located along the reservoir is an old water mill, which was used during the manor period to produce electricity for the castle’s rooms.

Lake Tündre

A protected natural lake in the southern part of the Sakala Upland. The lake covers an area of 71.6 hectares and has a maximum depth of 10.6 metres. The lake has a high level of biodiversity, with perch, roach, pike, bream and rudd being found in its waters. The warm water of summer is ideal for swimming.

Taagepera Village Society and Handcraft Workshop

The building, which was built nearly 200 years ago from fieldstones, was used during the manor period as a stable. Today, it is home to the Taagepera Village Society and serves as a setting for promoting village life. Inside there is a handicraft workshop, where it is possible to engage in different types of handicrafts, such as modelling with clay, weaving on looms, felting soap, sewing, jewellery making, etc.

Lilli Nature Centre

Non-profit organisation Lilli Nature Centre is an association in southern Viljandi County, located a distance of 9.9 km from us. It was established for the purpose of disseminating a nature and environmentally friendly way of thinking. A campfire site is located next to the nature house, and the Lilli Nature House educational trail also begins by the house. The educational trail leads to a mysterious sorb-apple grove, with badger burrows, lungwort, black stork nesting trees and many other interesting things to explore along the way. There are many domestic animals (chickens, geese, rabbits, sheep, goats, cows and horses) living by the Nature House, which generate a great deal of excitement in children.

Tering Bog

Located 8.7 km from the castle, the bog is a highly diverse place, in which a fun 4.5 km long educational trail has been built. The circle shaped boardwalk passes through various bog islands with different forest ecosystems, a bog covered in stunted pines and Alatsi bog lake, where one can take a dip and cool off during hot summer days. Starting in July, it is possible to taste blackberries, crowberries, blueberries, bog bilberries, cowberries and cranberries. The trail is marked with information boards, where you will find information on the various species of plants and forest inhabitants living in Teringi Bog. At the start of the education trail is a beautiful wishing tree and a campfire site.

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