Enjoy the beautiful view in the castle park together with your sweetheart or good friends, or discover nature in the area surrounding the Castle Spa Wagenküll. Based on your wishes, we offer you the opportunity to take the best food and drink along with you for your romantic time together. We will include a picnic basket, picnic blanket and dishes. Cuddle together, enjoy the company and beautiful nature around you, and new memorable memories are guaranteed!

  1. Baroness’s Picnic Basket:
  • Croissant with chicken (grilled chicken, cream cheese spread and fresh salad)
  • Baroness’s House Cake
  • fruit selection
  • cheese selection
  • lemonade
  • EUR 44
  1. Baron’s Picnic Basket:
  • Bread pocket with shredded BBQ meat (BBQ meat, BBQ sauce, onion jam between crust bread)
  • house cake
  • fruit selection
  • cheese selection
  • lemonade
  • EUR 44

Bicycle rental

The best option for exploring the area surrounding the castle and enjoying nature is renting bicycles from us. We rent retro style bicycles, tandem bicycles as well as fat bikes to ensure safe riding along forest trails.

Bicycle rental price:

  • EUR 5 / hour
  • EUR 15 / day


Enjoy a game of billiards on the second floor of the castle.Guests of our hotel can play for free.


Poker is an entertaining and skill developing game for a group of people.Within the framework of poker night participants are introduced to the history of the game and the rules of the game, and a Texas Hold ‘em tournament is held, in which everyone can participate.For relaxation we offer players a glass of cognac or sparkling wine, which revitalises the thought processes.In addition, a tray of snacks awaits the players.The game is suitable for a group of up to 10 people and lasts for approximately 3.5 hours.
Come spend some time in a luxurious castle and feel like a baron or baroness!
Price EUR 35 per person.

Movie nights

Movie nights at Wagenküll Castle Spa will begin in the autumn of 2018.


We offer you the opportunity to get to know the history of our beautiful and mysterious castle.During the guided tour we will introduce you to the history of the manor, which starts in the 15th century and continues to the present day.

The excursion is available in Estonian, Russian and English.The maximum group size for the tour is 15 people and the minimum is 10 people.

  • The excursion is EUR 8 per person.

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