Recommendations for pregnant women

The treatment intended for young mothers includes a gentle body peel with a body peeler that contains marigold oil and extracts and a pleasant massage with massage cream that is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which makes the skin elastic. Marigold has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, the cream contains a lot of vitamins and oils, which preserve the skin’s moisture level and protect against environmental effects.

Classic hand and nail treatment, suitable for daily care. At first the nails are filed, and then the hands are soaked in a refreshing bath. Care is then given to the cuticles and outer nails. This is followed by a pleasant and relaxing hand massage with nourishing hand cream. At the end of the treatment the nails are covered with a nail polish of your choosing, and the cuticles are moisturised with aromatic candle oil.

Classic pedicure is a foot treatment, during the course of which the feet are given an aesthetic and beautiful appearance. The treatment begins with a refreshing sea salt foot bath, after which the nails are filed and given a beautiful shape. The feet are then peeled with an aromatic peeler and a gentle massage is performed and the cuticles are tidied up. The treatment ends with a pleasant and relaxing foot massage with aromatic massage cream and lastly pleasing nail polish is applied to the nails, if desired.

Relaxing aroma therapy for the face.

A calming and relaxing treatment that can be personalised. Comprised of two massage stages, in which essential oils are selected to precisely meet your skin and beauty goals, after which a Mary Cohr five plant mask – green tea, lemon, cucumber, camomile and ginger – is applied. Finally, a suitable serum and cream meeting the needs of your skin is applied.

The given treatment is suitable for all ages, all skin types, who are looking for relaxation and enjoy the magical of massages and essential oils.

Facial skin smoothing and trimming treatment with pro-collagen.

Comprehensive and innovative anti-aging programme helps to refresh tired and sagging skin, restore the firmness of your skin and smooth wrinkles. Results are already visible after the first treatment!

To start with, a hyaluronic acid wrinkle pen is used, with the help of which wrinkles are also processed using special massage techniques. This is followed by a massage using firming cream containing pro-collagen, after which a thermal mask is applied, in order to intensify the absorption of the cream’s active ingredients. Pro-collagen is deeply absorbed and firms the skin.

Recommended for those 30 and older, since it is a rejuvenating treatment that firms the skin and smooths wrinkles, providing a complexion that is shiny and fresh.

Rejuvenating facial treatment.

An exclusive treatment that focuses on all of the manifestations of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, pale complexion and pigmentation marks. The effect extends into the deepest layers of the skin thanks to unique treatment methods and specially selected active ingredients, such as pro-collagen, different forms of hyaluronic acid, pure vitamin C, and the Cellular Life concentrate.

The treatment is rejuvenating in nature, and is therefore suitable for those who are 30 and older.

Skin treatment that rejuvenates and provides radiance

Treatment consisting of fruit acids and vitamin C, which rejuvenates the skin and provides radiance. The treatment helps to restore and reinvigorate the skin, harmonise the complexion, smooth wrinkles, reduce and prevent the creation of pigmentation marks. Excellent care for problem skin, since it helps to regulate the excretion of sebum and rejuvenates the skin. Unique technology, which uses fruit acids in gel form to make the skin rejuvenation procedure pleasant and efficient. The alginate and vitamin C based effect mask ensures a result that provides radiance and firmness, and strengthens facial tissues, smooths wrinkles and lightens pigment marks.

The treatment is suitable for younger as well as older skin, for individuals who are 25 and older.

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