Hand treatments

Classic hand and nail treatment, suitable for daily care. At first the nails are filed, and then the hands are soaked in a refreshing bath. Care is then given to the cuticles and outer nails. This is followed by a pleasant and relaxing hand massage with nourishing massage cream. At the end of the treatment the nails are covered with a nail polish of your choosing, and the cuticles are moisturised with aromatic candle oil.

Gel nail polish is a long-lasting polish, which will not peel or lose its shine. A gel nail polish manicure does not require time for the polish to dry at the end of the treatment.

Initially a dry manicure is performed (filing and shaping of the nails, treating of the cuticles and the outer nails). The nails are then covered with the selected gel polish. This is followed by a pleasant and relaxing hand massage with nourishing hand cream.

Please note! The manicure does not include the removal of prior gel nail polish. We ask that you please reserve additional time for removal.

A spa manicure is a combination of classical manicure and a moisturising body care. The treatment includes the tidying of nails and cuticles. In order to remove dead skin cells and to give your hands a more radiant complexion, the hands and cuticle areas are peeled with a light natural lemon grass acid peeler. After the removal of the peeler the hands are dipped in a pleasant, warm paraffin bath. Paraffin gloves restore the skin’s natural moisture content and improve circulation. The special type of paraffin nourishes the skin, deep moisturises, improves circulation, softens nail walls and nourishes the skin. The treatment ends with a hand massage up to the elbow and the nails are polished, if desired.

Nurturing and educational nail and hand care treatment for little girls. Nails are polished with the parent’s permission. Recommended ages 4-12.

The service can be purchased as an addition to other hand or foot treatments.

A deeply nurturing and warming treatment for your hands. First, a peeling scrub is applied to clean your hands. After that prepare to have your arms dipped into warm paraffin, and wrapped into gloves so you could enjoy the warmth. At the end of the treatment, the paraffin will be removed and a deeply moisturizing cream will be applied to your hands.

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