Body treatment through water

A peat bath provides deep-warming of the entire body, heals the body and offers relief to the soul.

Peat is the pearl of Estonian nature, something like a well-kept secret, which performs wonders with your body. A peat bath restores your skin’s freshness and its natural cleanliness, creating the feeling of relaxation, one that you’ve been awaiting a long time for. After your bath your skin is soft and silky smooth, radiant and youthfully elastic. The minerals contained in peat are absorbed into your cells during the treatment and help to reduce stress and sources of pain in your body.It is the experience that you have been waiting for, and may even prove to be addictive. The natural health promoting effects of peat were first demonstrated long ago, which guarantees you the best sleep the following night.

Not suitable for pregnant women or women who are breast feeding.

A grass bath is the best means for fighting stress and nervousness.In addition, grass particles have a relaxing effect on muscle cramps, help to calm infections and are helpful in the case of rheumatism and joint pains. This effective impact is due entirely is due to the essential oils found in plants, which are opened through the combination of water and warmth and enter the body through the skin and nose.

What could be more wonderful…candles, romantic music, French champagne bubbling in a glass as well as a bathtub…time for only yourselves!

In addition, the natural carbonisation of champagne helps to tone your skin, stimulate your immune system and improve your metabolism.

A gentle caress for your senses and body!

Calming and skin nourishing treatment. A milk bath has a unique, especially soft exfoliating effect. By removing dead skin cells, the skin feels fresher and younger. A milk bath also has a nourishing and moisturising effect of dry skin. It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E and zinc, which slows the aging process and makes the skin more elastic.

History whispers that the Baroness of Wagenküll castle loved to relax in a milk bath in the name of beauty and flamboyance.

An oxygen bath offers experiences that are aesthetically and emotionally pleasant.

An oxygen bath, which renews your body, makes you feel more refreshed and younger. Billions of micro molecules stimulate the body’s immune system and collagen production in the skin, which has an anti-aging effect. Fine bubbles of oxygen cover the body, reach pores and speed up the skin’s metabolism at the same time. The oxygen bath promotes circulation, moisturising and the deep cleaning of the skin. Trimming and rejuvenating action, smooths cellulite and makes the skin silky.

Thanks to its content of hops, home brewed beer has a number of good and healthy properties. Hops are rich in B6 vitamins, meaning they have a strong calming effect. Hops provide peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. Hops also relieve joint and rheumatism discomfort. After home brewed beer treatment the skin is fresh, radiant and has a good complexion. The spirit is happy and content!

A green apple bath experience for children, which relaxes, creates a good mood and even better sleep.

Magnesium is an essential mineral required by the human body, but one that is also lacking. During the bath treatment, magnesium is absorbed through the skin, enriching the skin as well as the entire body with this essential mineral. The bath treatment prevents magnesium deficiency in the body and reduces ailments resulting from magnesium deficiency (leg cramps, muscle pains, muscle tension, insomnia and stress). During the bath treatment, peppermint bath salts serve as an aromatic addition to the magnesium, acting to soothe and provide new strength. In addition to its characteristic aromatic scent, peppermint also contains beneficial minerals and vitamins, which soothe the body.

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