Monthly offers

Monthly offers for June in castle spa Wagenküll:

Classic Massage 80 MIN. 53€

Classic massage techniques consist of stroking, rubbing of the skin and the subcutaneous layer of skin, the kneading of muscles, vibrations and a series of light striking manoeuvres.
Classic massage primarily activates blood circulation and lymph circulation, boosts metabolism, reduces headaches and muscle aches. At the same time, the massage has a positive effect in the case of mental as well as physical stress – classic massage techniques restore energy and correct muscle tone. Massage increases the body’s resistance to disease, while the kneading of muscles leads toxins out of the body and boosts metabolism. The result is either relaxing or invigorating, depending on the technique employed.
The strength and intensity of the treatment will be selected based on the client’s wishes and indications for the region. Please inform us of any requests that you may have when making your reservation, so that the masseuse is able to take your preferences into account.

Body treatment with fresh apples and warm oil massage 60 MIN. 39 €

Apples contain alpha hydroxy acid, a natural light acid peeler, which rejuvenates and cleans the skin. The moisturising and anti-aging properties of apples make them the ideal means for drier and more mature skin. In addition to a dose of vitamins, apples provide the skin with youthful elasticity and also protect against UV rays.

Apples, which are full of vitamins and taste good, help to improve the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, thanks to which the skin remains taut and elastic.

The body is exfoliated and massaged with a combination of fresh apples and warm aromatic birch essential oil.

Classic pedicure 70-80 MIN. 34 €

Classic pedicure is a foot treatment, during the course of which the feet are given an aesthetic and beautiful appearance. The treatment begins with a refreshing sea salt foot bath, after which the nails are filed and given a beautiful shape. The feet are then peeled with an aromatic peeler and a gentle massage is performed and the cuticles are tidied up. The treatment ends with a pleasant and relaxing foot massage with aromatic massage cream and lastly a pleasing nail polish is applied to the nails, if desired.

Facial treatment – Catiovital Youth 75 MIN. 59 €

Equipment treatment, which provides a deep clean and beauty, together with a mechanical facial cleanse

A skin renewing, deep cleaning and beauty providing equipment treatment that can be personalised, using the innovative ‘dynamic ionisation’ method. Exclusive Mary Cohr CatioVital Cellular Energy device permits care to be performed in accordance with the skin no matter the state or age, since it offers a broad selection of professional products (serum gels).

Treatment is comprised of three main stages – a deep cleaning thermal mask (if necessary, also mechanical cleaning), double ionisation (with the serum gel meeting the needs of your skin) and relaxing massage with essential oils. This is followed by the application of the mask and a mechanical face cleaning is performed, and the treatment concludes with the selection of a suitable serum and cream meeting the needs of the client’s skin.

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