Monthly offers in July

Monthly offers for July in castle spa Wagenküll:

Eye Repair 60 min. 38 € 

Treatment for the area surrounding the eyes

To make the area around the eyes appear younger and eliminate mimic wrinkles, Mary Cohr offers a treatment for the area around the eyes that is an efficient, yet gentle solution – Eye Repair. The given treatment targets the orbicularis oculi muscles, in order to repair micro blood circulation and tone and tighten them. By the end of the first treatment session, thin wrinkles disappear, ‘crow’s feet’ are smoothed and the eyes appear younger.

Please note! Treatments are not performed on clients with pacemakers.

Chakra massage 60 min 48 €

A chakra massage focuses on raising a person’s general mental and physical state.By combining the massage with warm rice-herb cubes, we invigorate the body and mind with various crystals and linden tree balsam.A chakra massage is suitable for those who are seeking clarity in their thoughts and experiencing something new. The massage is softer and in terms of strength it is comparable to a classic general massage.

Relaxing foot treatment with a hay particle bath and warm forest berry candle oil massage 50 min. 28 €

Grass particles have a relaxing effect on muscle cramps, help to calm infections and are helpful in the case of rheumatism and joint pains. This effective impact is due entirely to the essential oils found in plants, which are opened through the combination of water and warmth and enter the body through the skin.

The bath is followed by a foot peel with rich oils and pastes mixed with sea salt, followed by a pleasant warm massage with forest berries and candle oil.

Book a body treatment: or +372 5981 2455

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