Monthly offers in July

Monthly offers for July in castle spa Wagenküll:

Luxurious Baroness’s milk and strawberry bath 20 min 18 € for one (usual price 22 €), 30 min 23 € for two (usual price 29 €)

Calming and skin nourishing treatment. A milk bath has a unique, especially soft exfoliating effect. By removing dead skin cells, the skin feels fresher and younger. A milk bath also has a nourishing and moisturising effect of dry skin.It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E and zinc, which slows the aging process and makes the skin more elastic.

History whispers that the Baroness of Wagenküll castle loved to relax in a milk bath in the name of beauty and flamboyance.

Body treatment with fresh apples and warm oil massage 60 min 41 € (usual price 47 €)

Apples contain alpha hydroxy acid, a natural light acid peeler, which rejuvenates and cleans the skin. The moisturising and anti-aging properties of apples make them the ideal means for drier and more mature skin. In addition to a dose of vitamins, apples provide the skin with youthful elasticity and also protect against UV rays.

Apples, which are full of vitamins and taste good, help to improve the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, thanks to which the skin remains taut and elastic.

The body is exfoliated and massaged with a combination of fresh apples and warm aromatic birch essential oil.

Book a body treatment: or +372 5981 2455

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