Depilation for women

Depilation for women

At Wagenküll, we offer women depilation using effective and exclusive hair removal techniques and quality products from leading professional skin care brand Mary Cohr. Hair is removed using either Épil Smart Green liquid foam (used in conjunction with cloth strips) or Stick’Hair Green hard wax. Depilation is followed by the use of a cream that inhibits hair growth and soothes the skin, which prolongs the results of depilation.


Sun bathing and visiting a solarium are not recommended for a period of 24 hours before and 72 hours after depilation. It is also recommended that one refrain from entering chlorinated water, taking a bath or visiting a sauna for a period of 24 hours after depilation, or taking part in procedures that generate skin friction (massage, skin peeling, etc.). After waxing the underarms, deodorant can once again be used after a period of 24-48 hours. It is recommended that makeup not be applied for a period of 24-48 hours follow depilation in the facial area.

Please let your treatment provider know about any special characteristics you may have, if you believe that this is of importance for you.

Depilation areas (maximum treatment times are listed, which may be shorter depending on the client):

Feet 60 min 31 €

Thighs/lower legs 30 min 21 €

Bikini depilation (bikini line) 30 min 17 €

Underarms 30 min 15 €

Forearms 60 min 19 €

Back 30 min 25 €

Stomach 30 min 19 €

Lips 30 min 10 €

Chin 30 min 10 €

Book a depilation: spa@wagenkull.ee or +372 5981 2455

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