Time outside of time

In a world in which everyone has so little time, there are still places to be found where it exists in abundance. Awaiting you at Wagenküll is a grand time in a historic castle complex, complete with all of the conveniences of the modern world, and surrounded by nature. Slowly moving time awaits you, where meals, entertainment and sauna and water pleasures pass you by at a leisurely pace. Time free of worry is at your beck and call, since you don’t have to plan, but only have to do what feels good – relax and read or exercise and be active. We offer a fairy tale world with a mysterious castle and a mood from centuries ago.

Wagenküll is a leisurely way of holiday thinking. Wagenküll is comfort, treatments, good food, absorbing activities and free time in the middle of nature. This is the newly renovated Taagepera Castle complex – a unique, culturally significant area which includes an art nouveau castle, an à la carte restaurant, a luxurious castle spa, a 1930s style hotel, restaurant, sports and recreation opportunities. Come and seek shelter from your everyday life and forget about time. This is all time for you, your partner, your children and your family.

Special Offers

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