Head massage relaxes you, stimulates the circulation, lymphatic system and hair roots, soothes the tension in the eyes, helps you with your insomnia and improves your concentration.

Classic massage techniques consist of stroking, rubbing of the skin and the subcutaneous layer of skin, the kneading of muscles, vibrations and a series of light striking manoeuvres.
Classic massage primarily activates blood circulation and lymph circulation, boosts metabolism, reduces headaches and muscle aches. At the same time, the massage has a positive effect in the case of mental as well as physical stress – classic massage techniques restore energy and correct muscle tone. Massage increases the body’s resistance to disease, while the kneading of muscles leads toxins out of the body and boosts metabolism. The result is either relaxing or invigorating, depending on the technique employed.
The strength and intensity of the treatment will be selected based on the client’s wishes and indications for the region. Please inform us of any requests that you may have when making your reservation, so that the masseuse is able to take your preferences into account.

The back and shoulder massage is a quick and efficient massage, based on the classic massage, which promotes blood circulation and lymph circulation, alleviates muscle pains and stress. It is suitable selection for someone whose job entails a lot of sitting or working in a forced position. The back, shoulder, neck and head are massaged.

Based on the client’s wishes or indications, a relaxing or invigorating massage will be performed.

A chakra massage focuses on raising a person’s general mental and physical state.By combining the massage with warm rice-herb cubes, we invigorate the body and mind with various crystals and linden tree balsam.A chakra massage is suitable for those who are seeking clarity in their thoughts and experiencing something new. The massage is softer and in terms of strength it is comparable to a classic general massage.

During the first stage of the treatment dead skin cells are removed from the skin using an exfoliant containing papaya enzymes. This is following by a facial massage, which efficiently energizes the skin’s mechanisms of action. Blood supply to the skin improves; the skin is enriched with oxygen, which in turn restores the skin’s radiance. Unique massage techniques for toning facial muscles help to restructure and raise the contours of the face. At the end of the treatment a toning facial cream is applied to the face.

Following the treatment the skin is noticeably more supple and shinier, the facial muscles are formed and with a more youthful appearance.

Classic massage, performed simultaneously on two visitors lying side by side on massage tables. The treatment is well-suited for enjoyment by couples, girlfriends, mother-daughters and good friends.

Treatment beings with a warm peat wrap in the desired location (back, legs). The peat wrap improves your metabolism and circulation and provides a general feeling of well-being. This is followed by a cup massage, or vacuum massage, in which silicon cups of varying sizes are used in combination with a hand massage. The cup massage trims the skin, cleans pores, and intensifies the blood supply.

Relaxing treatment for children, in which the body is caressed and massaged with dandelion massage balsam.

The recommended age range for the procedure is 5 to 12.

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