Monthly offers in August

Monthly offers for August in castle spa Wagenküll:

Firming Facial Massage Treatment 30 min. 23 €

During the first stage of the treatment dead skin cells are removed from the skin using an exfoliant containing papaya enzymes. This is following by a facial massage, which efficiently energizes the skin’s mechanisms of action. Blood supply to the skin improves; the skin is enriched with oxygen, which in turn restores the skin’s radiance. Unique massage techniques for toning facial muscles help to restructure and raise the contours of the face. At the end of the treatment a toning facial cream is applied to the face.

Following the treatment the skin is noticeably more supple and shinier, the facial muscles are formed and with a more youthful appearance.

Catiovital Youth Deluxe 1h 30 min. 79 €

A device treatment that can be personalised, providing a deep clean, beauty and rejuvenation.

Two-in-one treatment – CatioVital + Catio Lift treatment. The treatment begins with a deep cleaning thermal mask, followed by double ionisation (with the corresponding serum gel that meets the needs of your skin) and is followed by tissue and muscle stimulation. At the end of the treatment there is a relaxing massage with essential oils, which is followed by the mask and the application of a suitable serum and cream meeting the needs of your skin.

The given treatment is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions, anyone that wants to deep clean, fee and rejuvenate their skin through a single treatment. The treatment is rejuvenating in nature, and is therefore suitable for those who are 30 and older.

Spa Manicure – Genuine Body Care 90 min. 39 €

A spa manicure is a combination of classical manicure and a moisturising body care. The treatment includes the tidying of nails and cuticles. In order to remove dead skin cells and to give your hands a more radiant complexion, the hands and cuticle areas are peeled with a light natural lemon grass acid peeler. After the removal of the peeler the hands are dipped in a pleasant, warm paraffin bath. Paraffin gloves restore the skin’s natural moisture content and improve circulation. The special type of paraffin nourishes the skin, deep moisturises, improves circulation, softens nail walls and nourishes the skin. The treatment ends with a hand massage up to the elbow and the nails are polished, if desired.

Grass Bath 20 min.17 €

A grass bath is the best means for fighting stress and nervousness.In addition, grass particles have a relaxing effect on muscle cramps, help to calm infections and are helpful in the case of rheumatism and joint pains. This effective impact is due entirely is due to the essential oils found in plants, which are opened through the combination of water and warmth and enter the body through the skin and nose.

Book a body treatment: or +372 5981 2455

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