Charming Cavalier

Charming Cavalier

Package for men

The charming cavalier is always striking in appearance, able to appreciate and take care of himself…

The package includes:

  • accommodation in a standard or deluxe room or a luxurious suite;
  • a heartybreakfast buffet;
  • unrestricted spa and sauna centre use;
  • one of the treatments from the following list:
    • a classic massage 50 min.
    • a body treatment with fresh apples and warm oil massage 60 min.
    • a relaxing foot treatment with a hay particle bath and warm candle oil massage 50 min.
  • one of the bath treatments from the following list:
    • a home-brewed beer bath treatment 20 min.
    • a grass bath 20 min.
    • a peat bath 20 min.

Package arriving Sun – Thu:
standard room for one 99 € / night
deluxe room for one 119 € / night
suite for one 149 € / night.

Package arriving Fri, Sat:
standard room for one 119 € / night
deluxe room for one 139 € / night
suite for one 169 € / night.

The price is valid on the condition that at least 2 adults spend the night in the room.

Additional fee for accommodation:
alone in a standard room 39 € / night
deluxe room 59 € / night
in a suite 89 € / night

The charming cavalier is able to bring along his radiant girlfriend with the following package.

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